Belligerent Party: November 9

J Anthony Yolanda & Yvette M. Pino

The objective does not have to be about a certain agreed upon reality. There is a subjective point of view with emotion attached to it. Or, for example, we could inscribe certain objects with a kind of dread, or something of the subconscious, or something of what we bring to the object. We have a different visual field. If you want to think of subjectivity, we might think of it as a kind of veil. Instead of seeing things objectively and clearly, we can think of subjectivity as that which we can see through. (Talk about propaganda…) And of course, that which we see through as kind of like a fog, right? It would make that object on the other end somewhat obscure. But also think of it like the experiences that change the way a thing looks.  (Experiences change how a thing looks – so the question is, how do experiences of war change how the artist depicts or views modern life? Identity. Discuss.)

November 9, 2018

The Graduate Hotel

601 Langdon St, Madison, WI 53703