The Greatest War: Special Event with The Kissers


Presenting new music inspired by the First World War, this rock ‘n’ roll history show will explore the conflict and the effect it has had on Wisconsinites then and now.

Featuring The Kissers with special guests Sean Michael Dargan, November Criminals, and The Viper and his Famous Orchestra

How are the events of World War One relevant to us today? Have we moved past this conflict, or are we still struggling with its consequences?

The Greatest War examines these questions in a multimedia, live music exploration of the modern, living legacy of WWI and the uneasy truce that ended it. 100 years to the day after the Armistice, the historic Barrymore Theatre will brim with this rock ā€˜nā€™ roll history show that lays bare that legacy while searching for meaning in The War to End War.

The show will debut new music inspired by WWI from The Kissers and three other prominent Wisconsin bands, while projections of photos, film, and artwork serve as a backdrop to the performance.