Warrior Writers Writing Workshop: November 28-29

The event is at Edgewood College in conjunction with their theater department and their student veteran organization. It is open to the public and will be beneficial for veterans and civilians.
Day One: Working with Veterans 101: an arts-based workshop for civilian allies

This workshop is centered around building beneficial veteran-civilian relationships. We explore participant’s perceptions about and relationships with veterans. We utilize creative writing/art-making, dialogue, participatory learning and active listening processes, as well as, the artwork of Veteran artists to guide our discussions. Some areas of learning & investigation include: veterans’ issues and experiences, PTSD, challenges/benefits of working with veterans, and specific information about healthy ways of engaging veterans. This workshop will provide a foundation from which civilian allies can build healthy and sustainable relationships with veterans and move toward creative collaboration. We also require any volunteers interested in facilitated Warrior Writers workshops to attend a training with us.

Day Two will be with Actor/Writer Jeff Key and he will be teaching a writing for performance and the stage workshop with veterans and theater students.